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Our purpose is to create a web-based overview of everything related to wafer paper. A kind of waferwiki. The objective is to establish comprehensive and neutrally written summaries of existing knowledge about wafer paper. Everybody is welcome to provide case studies, blogs, tutorials or lessons learned that are provided in an accurate manner. We believe that wafer paper has the potential to be a market category of its own. It is used in more than 50 countries for more than 50 different applications and these are all ideas worth spreading!

When we talk about wafer paper with interested people we often see there is a lot to learn and share. In these days of overconsumption and abundant pollution we recognized that wafer paper has the properties in order to play a role to create a stable and balanced global footprint. It is bio-degradable, sustainable, versatile in its form and because it is free from gluten and allergens all doors are opened. Only thing is that most of the applications still have to be developed. That inspired us to create this place. We hope that it will be an extra driver for wafer paper to contribute to a brighter society which enables future generations to thrive as much as human kind has done over the last centuries.

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